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Skolos/Wedell, Inc Design and Photography -- Lecture #11

Berkeley Typographers
Third in a series of posters for Berkeley Typographers. Nancy Skolos, designer; Thomas Wedell/Kenneth Raynor, photographers. This poster was scanned from Communication Arts, January/February 1990 without permission (page 82-91).

This poster is for academic criticism only. It is not for any commercial purpose. The actual poster was discussed in class during my lecture on 06, 07 November 1996. The three dimensional quality of the letters, the light passing through the capital 'B' letterform, and the industrial textures were pointed out. I also noted the typography examples on the right folio, and the grid lines on the left side.

Nancy Skolos/Thomas Wedell
Skolos/Wedell is an interdisciplinary design and photography studio whose clients include: Callaway Editions, Digital Equipment Corporation, EMI Music Publishing, James River Corporation, SBK Records, SCS Communications, Steelcase Design Partnership, and The Walker Art Center.

Nancy Skolos (b 1955) and Thomas Wedell (b 1949) create illusory compositions incorporating elements of design and photography. Skolos received her BFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, in 1977 and her MFA from Yale University's School of Art in 1979. She began collaborating with Wedell at Cranbrook, where he was pursuing his graduate degree in photography in 1976, following a BFA from the University of Michigan in 1973. The two were married in 1979, and established their practice in Boston, Massachusetts in 1980.

They integrate techniques of graphic collage, multiple exposures, and graduated papers to create three-dimensional, often surreal images. Some of their work is inspired by the illusory spaces and compositions of early modern artists such as Malevich, Leger, and de Chirico.

The studio's posters are in the graphic design collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitian Museum of Art. Other exhibitions and awards include Images des Mots, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; International Poster Biennale, Warsaw; Lahti Poster Biennale, Finland; International Triennial of Poster, Japan; Progressive Architecture International Furniture Competition Award. Work has been published in Idea, ID Magazine, Graphis Posters, Photographis, Communication Arts, Print, Print Casebooks and AIGA Graphic Design.

Selected Awards
Type Directors Club 1989
STA 100, 1984, 1986, 1987-90
Print Casebooks 1980-81
Photographis 1982, 1983, 1986
Museum of Modern Art 1988
The Israel Museum 1986
Graphis Posters 1980-81, 1985-89
Art Directors Club of New York 1982
New York Times, "Prize Winning Designs" (3.2.83)
Idea Magazine, Japan 1986
ID Magazine Spring 1986
AIGA Journal January 1989
Portfolio/Japan 1990
Communication Arts 1990
How Magazine 1989
AIGA/Minneapolis 1991
University of Cincinnati 1990
University of the Arts, Phil 1990
Cranbrook Academy of Art 1980
Kansas City Art Institute 1981
North Carolina State University 1988

The resume of Skolos/Wedell, Inc.,

Nancy Skolos taught the senior class in Graphic Design in the fall of 1991. Her workshop schedule is listed below.
17 Nov 1991 Sun
04:00-06:00 Introduction
18-22 Nov Mon-Fri
09:30 am Graphic Design Seniors A
01:30 pm Graphic Design Seniors B
22 Nov Fri
Morning Meetings Faculty/Director
01:30 pm Final Presentation

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